call by address (was Re: compilers and linkers) 
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 call by address (was Re: compilers and linkers)

| > The [fortran II] language manual pointed out that using constants for
| > arguments that were assigned to was invalid.  They wised up when they
| > wrote Fortran IV.
| Dale, who are "they"?  Anyway, this is an *implementation* bug, not a
| design bug.

No, it's a design bug, since actually using the construction was
forbidden in FORTRAN II, the compiler wasn't required to handle it in
any decent way.

| The RT-11 FORTRAN IV compiler I used on LSI-11 systems as recently as
| 1982 (RT-11 v4? I'm not sure) still had this bug; I know, I tested it
| myself to see.  :-)

If the compiler claims to be FORTRAN *IV*, then it's an implementation


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