RSTS BASIC-Plus conversion/emulation for UNIX 
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 RSTS BASIC-Plus conversion/emulation for UNIX

  I am presently evaluating some UNIX software which runs DEC RSTS BASIC-Plus
under UNIX System V.  Would someone please help me locate some BASIC-Plus
programs so I can test the software?
  I am looking for non-proprietary BASIC-Plus programs, ideally stand-alone
so I could actually run the resulting UNIX programs.
  Please email the programs in ASCII to me at burdvax!ubbpc!wgh.  Let me
know if you want to know how the tests come out.
Bill Hutchison, DP Consultant   rutgers!cbmvax!burdvax!ubbpc!wgh
Unisys UNIX Portation Center    "What one fool can do, another can!"
P.O. Box 500, M.S. B121         Ancient Simian Proverb, quoted by
Blue Bell, PA 19424             Sylvanus P. Thompson, in _Calculus Made Easy_

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 16:49:00 GMT  
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