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in seeing a SIG for on the net?

Tue, 07 Feb 1995 01:30:54 GMT  

>in seeing a SIG for on the net?

There's an Actor mailing list.

There's also a mail server for Actor files.  To quote:

Here is the basic instructions:

Send a message to:

Subject line doesn't matter.

The first line of the message should be:

If you are on bitnet, then next line should be:

Now you can request anything you would like from the archives.
For instance, I would suggest that you get the INDEX file first.
The index file is just a "ls -lR" of the actor directories.  You
can do this by adding this line to the message:
        send INDEX

After all requests of the server, you should put this line:

The server gets confused when it sees something that it doesn't
understand.  It isn't very smart, but it works.

To recap:
Typical message:

        Subject: Doesn't matter, it's ignored

        send INDEX
        send util/

Oh, two more things.  If you want anything from a directory
under the main directory just precede the request by the
directory name as in the example above.  Also if you are
requesting a file from a compuserve account you will need to set
the limit to something under 50k.  Be sure you add the LIMIT
command before you reqest any files.  For example:
        LIMIT 40K

If you have anything to submit to the archives, please mail it

put it in the actor/Uploads directory.

Hope this helps


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Sun, 19 Feb 1995 06:42:15 GMT  
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