comp.lang.asm.x86 FAQ (preliminary) 
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 comp.lang.asm.x86 FAQ (preliminary)

        As the FAQ wasn't posted to the comp.answers newsgroup as stated,
despite my many attempts, I am posting it to all of the groups that the
CFV was posted to.


                     | comp.lang.asm.x86 FAQ |

Table of Contents:

1: Introduction
   1.1: What is comp.lang.asm.x86?
2: Proper Use of the Newsgroup
   2.1: What should you post?
   2.2: What SHOULDN'T you post?
3: Misc.
   3.1: About this FAQ
   3.2: Why is this FAQ so short?

                          1: Introduction

1.1: What is comp.lang.asm.x86?

    Comp.lang.asm.x86 (c.l.a.x) is a newsgroup devoted to
programming directly to the 80x86 (or 80x87) processor, and all
of the hardware connected to it, such as the monitor, the mouse,
etc...  In simpler terms, it is mostly for IBM PC assembly
language programmers.

                  2: Proper Use of the Newsgroup

2.1: What should you post?

    Although almost anything that has to do with 80x86
programming is fine to post, here are some suggestions:

-Show programmers around the world a particularly neat or useful
 string of code that you have created.
-Ask a question about an assembly language bug you don't know
 how to remove.
-Post shareware or freeware assembly language tools, with the
 original author's consent if necessary (usually not).

2.1: What SHOULDN'T you post?

    C.l.a.x is an unmoderated newsgroup.  Please do not abuse
it.  For instance, please do not:

-Flame about a particular assembler or compiler.
-Post messages that have nothing to do with 80x86 or device
-Write anything that breaks general USENET etiquette.

                             3. Misc.

3.1: About this FAQ

     This is the only FAQ that will be produced until c.l.a.x.
becomes a real newsgroup.  Afterwards, this will become a
bi-monthly FAQ.  After the group begins getting a lot of traffic,
it will probably become monthly.

3.2: Why is this FAQ so short?

    As c.l.a.x is a new newsgroup, not many questions have been
asked.  As the newsgroup grows, and more questions are asked
more times, this FAQ will grow.

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