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 RFD: comp.lang.pl-i

                     REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
                   unmoderated group comp.lang.pl-i

This a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) concerning the creation
of a new unmoderated newsgroup called comp.lang.pl-i.  This is not a
Call For Votes (CFV).  Please do not vote at this time.

RATIONALE: comp.lang.pl-i

   PL/I is a long-established general programming language that is
used throughout the world.

   Preliminary surveys on the PL/I listserver, and enquiries elsewhere
have revealed support for the establishment of a specific newsgroup
to discuss programming issues related to PL/I.  Significant
discussion occurs on compuserve and talklist.  Lesser activity
is found on the PL/I listserver.  Sporadic discussion appears
in comp.lang.misc, but often gets missed because readers do not
know to look there.

   An increasing discussion of PL/I on new platforms is indicated by:
   CompuServe: 410 postings over 4.5 months to Oct 16 (av. 90 / month)
   Talklink  : 627 postings over 4.5 months to Oct 16 (av. 130 / month)
   Listserver:  40 postings Oct 1 to Oct 19 (but av. 5-10 / month)

   Some of this activity arises from the recent releases of PL/I on
new platforms including OS/2, AIX, DG-UX, Alpha, and VAX.

   Creation of a newsgroup would provide a focus and attract interest
in discussions from those who currently do not have a forum.  Search
by newcomers results in frustration on account of there not being
a central point for discussions on the Usenet.  It is not easy
to find out information about PL/I, or even to know where to look
for such information.

CHARTER: comp.lang.pl-i

   The principal focus for a PL/I newsgroup would be a forum to
discuss programming issues, to provide a ready access to assistance
on programming problems, implementation differences, and the like.

   It would also be a vehicle for announcements about developments
in PL/I, information on PL/I sites on the www, and so on.

   Examples of issues that could be discussed:

   * New developments in the PL/I language (and especially PL/I
     for OS/2 and AIX);

   * Interfacing PL/I with other languages and vice versa;

   * Using PL/I in the PC environment

   * Developing PL/I programs on the PC for the mainframe and
     vice versa;

   * Porting PL/I programs to other platforms;

   * Taking over legacy PL/I code, and maintaining/developing it.

   This newsgroup should be of interest to all programmers (PL/I and
other languages).



Discussion about the proposed newsgroup will take place on news.groups
ONLY, which is a newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of new
newsgroups, and anyone interested is encouraged to participate.

The vote will be run by a neutral third party, the Usenet
Volunteer Votetakers (UVV)

Discussing the RFD will continue for at least 21 days. If there is a
general concensus, a neutral third party will post the CFV. If there
are still problems with the RFD after 30 days, discussion will be
taken off-line.

This RFD has been cross-posted to the following newsgroups:

This RFD has been sent to the following mailing list:

This RFD has been sent to Talklink and CompuServe

This message is *not* a Call For Votes (CFV) - do not try to vote:
        before the CFV is posted, or
        by posting anything anywhere, or
        by sending e-mail to anyone but the votetaker.

Fri, 10 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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