Excel object as "imbedded" editor in VB application 
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 Excel object as "imbedded" editor in VB application

I've written a VB application that uses an instance of EXCEL as a data
editor.  The idea is that an intelligent EXCEL form is constructed, and
the user interacts with it, until they are happy with their data.  They
then leave the editor and return to the parent application.

I began manipulating the file menu in order to mimic other "imbeded
applications" that allow the user only two options: abort; or update and
return.  I successfully mainpulated the File menu by modifying the
appropriate CommandBars("Fi le") controls.  However, when I removed recent
files, via MyAp.DisplayRecentFiles = False, the list of files is gone
forever, even though I later set this toTrue.  I've tried unsuccessfully
to save the list of files using the commandBars("File").Controls(13-I),
where I=MyAp.RecentFiles.Count, for later reinsertion.

To my surprise, all of these manipulations to the Excel object seem to
affect all instances of excel.  An y changes I make to the commandbars
file menu controls effect all future Excel objects.  If program execution
doesn't bomb out, t he menus get reset to original (except for missing the
recent files), because I've had to included excel command bar resetting
comands, at the winddown of my VB app.  Ts there any way to limit my
commandbar manipulations to my single instance of excel, or else at least
restore the recent file list before I finish my application?
               Thanks in advance for any help,

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Sat, 30 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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