English to Thai Language Translation program 
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 English to Thai Language Translation program

Can anyone advise if there is such a program that can convert English
words into Thai text using thai fonts.  Essentially I'm looking for an
English to Thai dictionary program, so that I'm able to insert the
more complex english words into letters (in Thai) so the receiver can
understand the context of my letter.   Working manually with a
dictionary (book) and then locating the appropriate font/character
is very time consuming.

I have seen one program on CD that does the translation, Thai to
English but not the reverse.

Whatever program may be available must work in an English version of
Windows 3.11

If anyone has any clues if these exist or where I could obtain it

Hopefully someone is able to help me

Tue, 22 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 English to Thai Language Translation program

Yes, I agree, converting to Thai is a big problem.  I can't figure out
a good way to do it either, other than actually learning the Thai

        The Language/30 audio cassettes are pretty useful, for
learning the words, and how they are pronounced.  There is a

Basic Thai Part 1 (FSI) #D300   $195
Dialect of Bangkok and central Thailand.  Phonetic transcription use
for Thai alphabet.  12 Cassettes (13 Hours)  and 427 page text.

Educational Services Corp.
1725 K street. NW, Suite 408
Washington, DC 20006

Phone 202-298-8424
        If you are not that ready to learn the language, there is a 2
casette version of the smae program to get you started.  Also, a
book called "Easy Thai" can teach you the alphabet and vowels in a
few days.  Easy Thai, and 2 Cassette Language/30 programs are
available at Borders book stop.  Probably elsewhere.

Good Luck.  

Anyone have Keycaps's with Thai on them?  That's all I really need
to start Typing Thai, I could draw on the keyboard, I guess.


Wed, 23 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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