want code/info for playing audio cd's in CD-ROM 
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 want code/info for playing audio cd's in CD-ROM

        I want to write a full-featured audio CD player accessing the CD-Rom,
(preferably in Windows) but I have no idea what commands (and how complex)
to send to the CD-ROM.  Does anybody know what options I have, what commands
I use, or have source code to any audio CD player interface?
        I hope that the commands aren't too complex so I can spend my time
adding nice custom features and databases and stuff.  
        Anywhere else (on or off the net) I should look?

                                        Chris Sidi

PS Someone suggested using Media Card Interfaces and Visual Basic's DLL's.
I can't find what commands I need to send and the visual basic book is sparse.
Any info/code?

Sun, 30 Jun 1996 08:45:55 GMT  
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