RFD: comp.lang.tcl.announce moderated 
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 RFD: comp.lang.tcl.announce moderated

                     REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
                moderated group comp.lang.tcl.announce

This is a formal request for discussion on the creation of a moderated
newsgroup, comp.lang.tcl.announce.

Newsgroup line:
comp.lang.tcl.announce  Announcements about Tcl.

RATIONALE: comp.lang.tcl.announce

Traffic on comp.lang.tcl has grown to the point where readers would
benefit from a separate newsgroup just for announcements.  Moderating
the newsgroup would ensure that it was low-volume.  General discussion
of Tcl would continue on the unmoderated newsgroup comp.lang.tcl.

CHARTER: comp.lang.tcl.announce

Comp.lang.tcl.announce is a moderated newsgroup for announcing new
developments about Tcl and related software and extensions such as the
Tk toolkit, including new software releases, periodic postings related
to Tcl, and other items of general interest to the Tcl community.


MODERATOR INFO: comp.lang.tcl.announce

Moderator: John D. Mitchell

(Primary Moderator)
I have been a Tcl and then Tk user since '88 or '89.  I've written a
fair bit of Tcl/Tk code over the years but most of it was boring work
related stuff.  I learned a lot during my stint at Geoworks where we
all got to use Adam de Boor's wonderful tcl-based de{*filter*}, Swat.  I
was also part of a small team at UCB which created what we called
TkPlanner,a network distributed, multi-user calendar/scheduler.

Moderator: Alistair G. Crooks

Being a keen `Little Language' advocate, I've followed tcl (and tk)
since 1990, and in earnest from 1992.  I did tcllex and idiff, a maths
class for otcl which I'm just finishing, front-ends in tcl and tk for
some of our databases in-house, as well as training others here in
tcl, and trying to be a sotto-voce evangelist.  I pronounce it `t' `c'
`l'.  (Aagh, I've just blown it :-)).

Moderator: Michael Moore

I work at the Ohio State University in the CIS department.  Currently,
I am the lead programmer for the department's User Environment group.
I have been using Tcl/Tk for over three years now, and have developed
such Tcl/Tk applications as Tknews (a newsreader), Karel the Robot (a
logo-like programming environment), and portions of our "General
Compiler Environment" (a unix desktop catered toward beginning users).



The posting of this RFD starts a discussion period of at least 21
days.  The discussion should occur on news.groups only.  At the end of
the discussion period a neutral votetaker from the Usenet Volunteer
Votetakers will post a Call For Votes with voting instructions.  Do
not confuse this RFD with the Call For Votes; voting will not commence
until later.


This RFD has been cross-posted to the following newsgroups:

news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, comp.lang.tcl, comp.lang.misc,

Tue, 07 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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