Contract work for TSR, Communications Programmer 
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 Contract work for TSR, Communications Programmer

PC Panic are calling for expressions of interest from TSR programmers
in developing communications software.

We have been contracted to provide a scheduling program that will
periodically supply
a remote machine with a sequence file (ie, a list of animations). The
remote machine will
cycle through the list of animations until interupted by the scheduling
machine via a
RS232 link. Once the animation display program has been interupted a
ZModem program will
execute. Once the new sequence has been transferred the system will
reboot, reinitialise
the interuption monitor, then execute the animation display program,
which will be
interupted the next time our scheduler program requires a sequence

We require software that will monitor the state of the serial port and
insert an escape
sequence into the keyboard buffer when activity is detected in the port.
The solution may
involve two programs, one on the scheduling machine, the other on the
remote machine.

The remote program must Terminate and Stay Resident while an Animation
Display program runs.
It must accept as parameters Port-Number and an arbitary sequence of
ASCII codes.

eg MONITOR 1 27 13
             ^ASCII codes

Please direct your expression of interest to Jon van Noort,  

Please also include your Tender Price.

Thankyou for your interest,

Jon van Noort

Mon, 06 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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