Seminar: Microsoft Test 3.0 
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 Seminar: Microsoft Test 3.0

Are you tired of the standard technical seminar that take's
it's "courseware" from a from a user manual?  We sure are!

That is why the QA and training professinals at Renaissance developed
a unique course on QA Automation using MS Test 3.0.  We teach you
not only about the basics of automation but also the the tips and tricks
that will enable you to effectively use MS Test 3.0

Topics covered include:

        TestBASIC language elements
        MSTest libraries
        MSTest comparison utilities
        Handling run-time errors
        Writing re-usable code  
        Adding UI components to your scripts
        TestBASIC tips and tricks
        Memory management
        Accessing DLL exported functions
        Trapping events
        Network distribution
        Using DDE to communicate with other tools
        Incorporating models written in Visual Basic, C or C++
        Writing custom DLLs
        Hooking Windows entities by subclassing & superclassing
        Manipulating VBX controls
        And more....

Renaissance Software Studios MS Test course is an unique intensive
two day, hands-on training program which covers all aspects of MS Test 3.0.
The course is intended for QA professionals with an understanding of

This MS Test course is original in that a sample test script is
presented and the progressively advanced techniques used to
implement the script are examined. The original script source code is
yours to keep as are the utilities - which come with our source code.

Renaissance course developers and trainers have over 10 years quality
assurance and development experience. They have developed quality
assurance courseware for other companies and have led seminars for
QA engineers from a variety of companies including, Microsoft, Aldus,
Okidata, Hewlett-Packard among others.

Our next class in the San Francisco/Bay Area:

When:  December 14th - 15th  1994

Where: Microsoft Field Sales Office,
       Foster City, California

Please call for pricing and special "December Rates"

Call for information regarding our 1995 MS Test 3.0 classes in
Seattle, Boston and San Francisco.

        Advanced registration and payment required

Renaissance Software Studios provides on-site custom technical
training and QA consultants for companies nationwide.

For more information please contact:

Renaissance Software Studios
2625 Alcatraz Ave Box 186
Berkeley, CA 94705

Phone: 510-654-1055
Fax: 415-255-9777

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~paulal/

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