ADV: Consulting Book Of Interest To Programmers 
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 ADV: Consulting Book Of Interest To Programmers

ComputerMoney: Making Serious Dollars
In High-Tech Consulting by A. Canton, ISBN 1-883422-01-9,
Adams-Blake Publishing, 320pp, $29.95.

ComputerMoney is a reference guide for anyone who has
a technically marketable skill (programming, engineering,
graphics, etc.) and who wants to start their own
consulting business or increase earnings in their present
practice. One year return privilege. Available from larger
bookstores or by Visa/AMEX at: 1-800-368-ADAM (24 hrs.)
or fax: 916-852-0641.

(Note: Obscenities, opinions, or arguments about
adv. have been sent before. We know this short post
is an adv. We believe it is relevant to this group. We know
some will disagree.)
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Fri, 28 Feb 1997 12:29:55 GMT  
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