Pattern Definition GREP with Pattern Editing for MSDOS 
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 Pattern Definition GREP with Pattern Editing for MSDOS

PDGREPPE is a Stream Editor that can compile and search
for data based on Extended Regular Expressions.

It can use Pattern Definitions that are stored and
retrieved from simple text files.


High Speed Stream Editors for ANY IBM PC MSDOS

        Greppes Text Tools

PDGREPPE: Pattern Definition GREP with Pattern Editing

FGREPPE: Fast Fixed GREP with Pattern Editing

PDGREPPE searches by Extended Regular Expressions.
Can reuse search patterns from definition files.

FGREPPE uses FIXED/literal patterns.

GREPPES operate in MS-DOS command line mode to
perform automatic or interactive

        SEARCH and optional REPLACE Tasks

that daunt the most experienced "Windows" users.

No WINDOWS programs have been discovered by us
that offer the advanced level of Search/Replace
achieved by GREPPES.

Programmers, HTML authors, System Administrators,
Investigators and Intelligencers should find
these PC tools to be of great advantage.

Programs should also work fine in MS-DOS emulated
systems such as IBM-AIX, Windows NT & Apple Mac
on PC file system, to include Networked drives.

The crown king of GREPPES is Pdgreppe and its
sidekick is Fgreppe.

If a User likes to play and edit with powerful
Search and Replace mechanisms that use

        Extended Regular Expressions

then PDGREPPE is the one to use.

For simplicity, FGREPPE stands by to help.

GREPPES is a Maximum Delivery software suite at
NO cost to Non-Profit and Non-Government Users.


The on-line reference for GREPPES is at the
following internet location(s)



Download from the SIMTEL page


by clicking on the ISGTT19X.ZIP link

that takes You to the site list.  Select
the NEAREST site to your location.

or direct from our site at


Copy the ZIP file to a directory on a hard drive
and UNZIP the file.

Put the program executables (PDGREPPE.EXE and
FGREPPE.EXE) in a Binary Executable Directory
such as "c:\bin" that is also part of the PATH

When running the README.EXE file, be sure all
other files in the ZIP file are in the same
current directory.


If these tools are used by the government or
business organisations, then these parties must
contact us for conditional permission (Ethical)
to purchase and use the tools.

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