public domain Prolog system available 
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 public domain Prolog system available

SB-Prolog, a public domain prolog system for Unix environments, is now
available.  The system, based on the Warren Abstract Machine, is
implemented as a WAM emulator written in C, with the remainder of the
system coded in Prolog.  The system offers features such as the dynamic
loading of predicates; an "Extension Table" facility that allows users
to direct the system to "remember" the results of computations of
specified predicates, so that these can be subsequently looked up
and need not be recomputed; and a macro expansion facility.  The system,
which provides almost all the builtin predicates of C-Prolog, comes
with a Prolog-to-WAM compiler and a C-Prolog-like trace/debugging package.
It runs at 15.5 KLIPS on a Sun-3/75, and 35.5 KLIPS on a Vax-8600 (based
on naive reverse of a list of 20 elements).

The system may be had by FTP from the internet host "", logging
in as "anonymous", and taking the contents of the directory "sbprolog".
Saumya Debray           CS Department, University of Arizona, Tucson

     uucp:       {allegra, cmcl2, ihnp4} !arizona!debray

Tue, 17 Nov 1992 11:39:00 GMT  
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