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 TeamWork vs C++

Hello everyone.

I would like to have some information on the following few things:

1)      I understood that CenterLine's CodeCenter can talk to Cadre's
        TeamWork/SD, but is it possible for CenterLine's ObjectCenter to
        Cadre's TeamWork/IM ?

2)      If (1) is possible, then how can I set it up and run it together ?
        Do I need to do  TeamWork/IM --> TeamWork/SD  &  
                         CodeCenter --> ObjectCenter

3)      Does anyone know the E-mail address of Cadre Compnay ?
        (note: I already have the e-mail address for CenterLine.)

Your help to any of the questions will be sincerely appreciate.

--Edwin Cheng, thanks so much.
  CSIL Administrator, SFU

Sun, 05 Feb 1995 03:06:31 GMT  
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