debug and patch don't match adresses 
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 debug and patch don't match adresses

      I'm haveing trouble useing a de{*filter*} to move through a program, but
      when i want to change something permanently i have to use a patching
      program.  One problem.  The address that i want to change in debug
      would be 1093:0132 so i'de dump that address. it would give me something
        1093:0130   01 02 03 04     10-9A 01 01 01
        1093:0140 "                                "
        when i look at that address with my patch prog it gives me something
        comepletly different.
        So i thought maybee it was loading the prog up at a different spot,
        so i forced it to start at the beggining of the file, but it didn't
        I have the choice with my patch prog to look at the bytes or words or
        ascii, nothing matches.

         I guess what i really need is an editor that can save an exe file.
         I have soft-ice but if it has that option i can't find it!

            Thanks for any help!

Tue, 27 May 1997 14:34:07 GMT  
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