Summary: Small Language Wanted 
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 Summary: Small Language Wanted

My thanks to everyone who replied to my original posting asking for a
small, public-domain language (and my apologies to all those who've been
annoyed by the follow-up discussion on the merits (or otherwise) of
fortran, C++, etc.).

The most-suggested language was Scheme; the two implementations most
often suggested were SIOD (Scheme In One Defun), written by George

available from a variety of FTP sites (e.g.;
however, most of the FTP'd versions of SIOD are V2.3, not the latest
V2.8; that can be had from in /src/lisp/siod-v2.8-shar.
SIOD is about 4000 lines, SCM more than twice that, so I have decided to
go with SIOD, even though it lacks objects (I am told that there are
several OO libraries for Scheme, and I will try to pick up one of
these.) My particular thanks to Brent W. Benson for his help.

Several other suggestions included:

* several PD versions of Forth
* some PD Logo's
* Sather (an Eiffel-like language whose interpreter is PD)

In addition, Norm Smith has written "Write Your Own Programming Language
Using C++", which describes the implementation of a simple Forth-like
language, while Samuel Kamin wrote "Programming Languages: An
Interpreter-Based Approach", which presents a small Scheme interpreter
and then modifies it to handle APL, Smalltalk, Prolog, and others.

ready-to-embed languages, for which I am very grateful.

Thanks once again,

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