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 ICI available via FTP

A short announcement to say that Tim Long's ICI language is (finally)
available from for FTP from ftp://ftp.research.canon.com.au/pub/misc/ici.
Although a little promotion was done in comp.lang.misc not that long ago
the lack of a real ICI FTP site has hindered distribution of the language
(which, IMHO, is a fine interpretive language up there with python and Perl
but opinions differ and are very common so form your own and don't knock me
for mine) or even of information on it. Here's the free compilers entry for
ICI so you get an idea what it's about...

language:       ICI
                Language: what the software compiles/interprets...
package:        ICI
version:        2.0.1
parts:          byte-code compiler, run-time interpreter, documentation

location:       ftp pub/misc/ici/ici.tar.gz from ftp.research.canon.com.au
description:    ICI is a general purpose interpretive programming language
                that has dynamic typing and flexible data types with the flow
                control constructs and operators of C. It is designed for use
                in many environments, including embedded systems, as an adjunct
                to other programs and as a text based interface to compiled
features:       +       Object-based, garbage collected data model.
                +       Error handling.
                +       Associative data structures, dynamic arrays, sets.
                +       Safe pointers.
                +       Regular expressions.
                +       Unix system call access.
restriction:    ICI is in the public domain and has no restrictions on its use.
ports:          Various Unix (SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, FreeBSD, NeXTSTEP,
                SCO, Ultrix), Windows, Macintosh, various embedded systems.
portability:    Core language highly portable. System specific easily
                removed (via configuration file).
status:         Actively developed.

help:           The ICI mail list.
support:        The ICI mail list
announcements:  On the ICI mail list and in comp.lang.misc

updated:        1996/10/16

"I've seen working Perl programs that contain no letters." - Cameron Simpson

Sun, 04 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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