CFP - Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOC'97) 
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 CFP - Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOC'97)

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Please find enclosed Call for Papers for the First Enterprise Distributed
Object Computing Workshop (EDOC'97). We apologise if you receive multiple
copies. Please forward this message to colleagues who might be interested.

                         CALL FOR PAPERS                        

  The 1st International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing  
                     Workshop (EDOC'97)                      

                     October 24-26, 1997,                      
             Marriott Resort, Gold Coast, Australia              

              http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;              

                         Hosted by:                              
              DSTC - Cooperative Research Centre for              
            Distributed Systems Technology, Australia            

                     Principal Sponsor:                          
                       MCI Systemhouse                            

                       Co-sponsored by:                          
         IEEE Communications Society - Enterprise Networking      
                    Technical Committee                          

                     In cooperation with:                        
                         ACM SIGPLAN                              

                        Endorsed by:                            
                Object Management Group (OMG)                    
        International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)      
           The Institute of Electronics, Information and          
              Communication Engineers of Japan (IEICE)*          


    EDOC'97 will be followed by the 3rd Asia Pacific Distributed
    Solutions Event (DSE97), Oct. 26-29, 1997 at the same venue.

Distributed object technology has reached a stage which offers many
new promises for its use in business applications. It brings solutions
to the technical problems which the IT community has faced for many
years: interoperability between heterogeneous hardware and software
systems and evolution of IT systems to support changing business
requirements. The distributed object paradigms, such as CORBA,
ActiveX/DCOM, Java and TINA, as well as the guidelines of the ISO/ITU
standard  on Open Distributed  Processing (ODP) provide a sound basis
for building enterprise applications. However, in spite of the
benefits which OO, high  communication bandwidth and standard
middleware solutions could bring, there are still many problems which
prevent wide use of this technology within and among enterprises.
As a result, the focus of the IT community is gradually shifting
towards providing support for the use of distributed object technology
for a wide range of business applications. This includes having a
commonly accepted enterprise language for the description of enterprise
applications, suitable object models and  the underlying distributed
infrastructure, as a 'business bus' for enterprise wide applications.
These topics constitute an Enterprise Distributed Object Computing.

This first International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing
Workshop will bring together experts from different backgrounds
working on various aspects of Enterprise Distributed Object Computing.
A further aim of the event is to promote this important topic within the
Asia-Pacific Region. Due to the increasing interest in this area we
anticipate that we will have a substantial number of good presentations
with plenty of time for discussions.

The topics of the Workshop include, but are not limited to:
  - Distributed object architectures, frameworks and patterns
  - Enterprise architectures and WWW
  - Distributed business objects and components
  - ODP enterprise language extensions and refinements
  - ODP enterprise language and business process modelling
  - Distributed objects and intra and inter-organisational workflow
  - Role-based enterprise security
  - Distributed objects for electronic commerce
  - CSCW support for enterprise interactions and cooperation
  - Enterprise policy and management
  - Case studies on distributed enterprise systems
  - Domain architectures (finance, health, telecommunications)
  - Trader and Intelligent Brokers
  - Distributed intelligent agents for enterprise systems
  - The use of mobile computing in enterprise systems
  - Enterprise aspects of Quality of Service
  - Architecture Definition Languages and enterprise applications
  - Methods for enterprise distributed object computing

June 1, 1997:            Papers due
August 8, 1997:          Notification of acceptance
September 5, 1997:       Final papers due
October 24-26, 1997:     Workshop date


Authors are invited to submit full papers. Papers will be refereed.
The papers presented will be published by the IEEE Computer Society
Press. The IEEE guidelines for authors are available at:



The preferred method for submission is electronic mail or ftp transfer.
For submission details please have a look at:


General Chair:
        Zoran Milosevic (DSTC, Australia)

Program Chairs:
        Cris Kobryn (MCI Systemhouse, USA)
        Morris Sloman (Imperial College, London, UK)

Program Committee:
        Fausto Caneschi (Finsiel S.p.A., Italy)
        Eng Chew (Optus, Australia)
        Luke O'Connor (IBM Zurich, Switzerland)
        Fred Cummins (EDS, USA)
        Takeo Hamada (Fujitsu, Japan)
        Claudia Linnhoff-Popien (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
        Osamu Miyagishi(NTT, Japan)
        Maria Orlowska (The University of Queensland, Australia)
        Kerry Raymond (DSTC, Australia)
        Roberto Saracco (CSELT, Italy)
        Oliver Sims (SSA Object Technology, UK)
        Richard Mark Soley (OMG, USA)
        Jean-Bernard Stefani (CNET France Telecom, France)
        R. Alexander (Sandy) Tyndale-Biscoe, (Birchquest Ltd, UK)
        Karl-Heinz Weiss (Public Administration Berlin, Germany)
        Bryan Wood (Open-IT, UK)
        Douglas Zuckerman (Bellcore, USA)

Local Organising Committee:
        Elizabeth Armstrong, DSTC
        Andy Bond, DSTC
        Emma Crameri, DSTC
        Kim Dinh, DSTC
        Ron Hickey, DSTC
        Jenny MacKay, DSTC
        Andry Rakotonirainy, DSTC

EDOC'97 will be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, at one of the
Gold Coast's premier venues: Marriott Resort. The Gold Coast is the most
popular tourist destination in Australia. Its glorious sandy beaches
and sub-tropical, though mild climate, attract people from all over
the world.  The Gold Coast is located  80 km south of Brisbane, the
capital of Queensland, Australia's Sunshine State.

The Gold Coast offers a wide range of entertainment and sporting
activities, including many beautiful golf courses, fishing and boating
facilities, rainforest bushwalking, excellent restaurants and many
more attractions.

Accommodation (at a discounted conference rate) is available
at the workshop venue as well as at alternative accommodation nearby.

Registration and accommodation details will be available in the near future.

Please email your enquiries to:

Postal address:
        Level 7, Gehrmann Laboratories
        The University of Queensland, Q4072
        Phone: +61 7 3365 4310, Facsimile: +61 7 3365 4311

October 21-23, 1997     DSOM'97 (Sydney) 8th IFIP/IEEE International
                        Workshop on Distributed Systems Operations & Management

October 26-29           DSE'97 (Gold Coast) 3rd Asia Pacific
                        Distributed  Solutions Event

November 10-12          OOIS97 (Brisbane) 4th International Conference
                        On Object-Oriented Information Systems

Further details for the EDOC'97 event and this Call For Papers can be
found in:


*Awaiting final approval

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