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 POOL-T references

(Sorry if this is a double, my first posting did not
seem to enter the newsfeed)

Does anybody have any refences to work about the
Parellel object oriented language POOL-T, especially
the formal semantics it is said to have.

Other information about POOL-T is also appreciated, like
email addresses to the persons at PHILIPS/Holland involved
in POOL.

Short summary of what I know. POOL-T is an object-oriented
parallel language where every object is a process. The
objects have a body and show explicitly when they are
ready to accept messages (they also say which messages
they want to accept). There is (currently) no inheritance
in the language. It is meant to run on DOOM (distributed
object oriented machine). Both the language and the machine
is made by PHILIPS in holland in esprit project 415. A prototype
of the machine is(will soon be?) running on a network of 100
MC68020, each with own memory.
That information was taken from an article by Pierre
America (POOL-T - A Parellel Object-Oriented Language) in the
book Object-Oriented Concurrent Programming (Yonezawa,Tokoro;
MIT Press 1987) and a leaflet describing Esprit project 415.


You are in error. 2+2=5
Thank you for your cooperation. The Computer.

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 15:44:00 GMT  
 POOL-T references

POOL-T is a  parallel object-oriented language developed at our lab. In the
mean time is has been replaced by POOL2, which is based on the same
principles but provides some more convenient notation to the programmer
("syntactic sugar"). POOL2 is intended to run on DOOM (decentralized
object-oriented machine). A 12-processor prototype of this machine has been
running for several months now, a 100-node prototype is under construction.

Language definitions for POOL-T and POOL2 are freely available from us. For
POOL-T, an interpreter/simulator running under Unix (on sequential machines)
is also available; for POOL2 these will become publicly available soon.

POOL is also the subject of studies in formal semantics and proof theory. A
paper about its operational semantics appeared in POPL '86. An article on its
denotational semantics will appear in Information and Computation.

For more information, you can send your (ordinary mail) address to me,
indicating your interest.

Pierre America
Philips Research Labs
P.O. Box 80.000
5600 JA Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 12:28:00 GMT  
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