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 Niklaus Wirth's EULER

Newsgroups: misc.lang
Subject: Anybody with ANY knowledge of the EULER programming language?

Distribution: world
Organization: U of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

I am working on an EULER language compiler/interpreter for the Macintosh
computer.  If anyone is (or was) working on EULER or used EULER to program
please write back.  I am curious as to who is familiar with EULER.  I am
trying to gather tips and suggestions for this project.

If anyone knows the address of Niklaus Wirth or/and Helmut Weber (the
developers of EULER) please let me know.

Also, anyone interested, or EULER enthusiasts, the orginal EULER paper can
be found in ACM Journal, Volume 9, Number 1, Jan. 1966 & Volume 9, Number 2,
Feb. 1966.

| Mike Sanford, University of Iowa, 319-339-1689                            |


Wed, 20 Oct 1993 15:08:24 GMT  
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