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 yacc/bison Producing LISP


We are using Lucid Common Lisp (v4.) for a number of reasons. One of the things
we need to do is produce an input parser. At the moment, the synatx for the the
input language is actually validated using yacc. And heres the cruch. Rather than
producing C, which i find tedious etc, and causes some problems in storing the
generated symbol tree at the Lisp level, (Where it is needed by other processes),
I need to have this parser written in Lisp. Other than getting hold of the source
code for Bison (GNY versions of yacc), and performing surgery on it, so it produces
a LISP-implemented parser, does anyone on the net  know of such an already existing

E-mail replies please. I will post back to this group any fruitful outcome.

   Dr. Darryl Davis                     >
   Multi-Media Laboratory               >

   The University of Manchester         >            
   Brunswick St                         >   Phone            : (+44)-61-275-4561
   Manchester M13 9PL                   >   FAX      : (+44)-61-275-4512

Mon, 13 Feb 1995 18:33:19 GMT  
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