MUST READ: Announce New Pascal Compiler 
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 MUST READ: Announce New Pascal Compiler


>Work has started on a new Pascal compiler. Primary features include the

>  100% Borland compatible
>  produces .OBJ's for making linking to other languages easier
>  optimizes for 8086,286,386,486 and Pentium
>  produces code for Tiny,Small,Medium,Compact,Large,Huge and Flat
>    memory models
>  includes a 32bit DOS extender
>  supports for other de{*filter*}s ie codeview etc
>  code generation for PowerPC, making portability a reality for once

>It will be marketed as shareware for around the 20UKP price tag. Initially
>there will no tools that you see with a product such as Borland Pascal (ie
>De{*filter*},Profiler etc) however depending on the success of the product these
>may be included in the future.

>Also, there will initially be NO windows support.

>The user will be expected to either own Borland Pascal or buy a book on
>programming in Borland Pascal for the documentation. All differences where
>applicable will be documented on disk.

>This is not a fake post, work has been progressing slowly for the last 6
>months and we now have to take the decision on whether to risk going ahead
>with the project. Therefore this post is to get some idea from the online
>Pascal users about what they would like in their compiler.

>you feel are missing from your current Pascal compiler. Also please email if
>you haven't any ideas but would like to show that you are interested in the

>Depending on the success of this short post, further information will be made

>Thanks for your time.....

>Andrew Robinson

Tue, 09 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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