A testimony to Constructivism power... 
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 A testimony to Constructivism power...

Sun Jun 23 03:14:14 2002

Subject: Re: [HyperLogo] New Kid On The Block
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 11:11:22 +0400

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Greetings to RH,

? I teach at a universtity in the United Arab Emirates, and this year I
proposed and trained students to use HyperStudio as the centerpiece for
Education majors'? senior year "capstone" projects. These students shocked
their Education department professors by the quality and creativity of
their HyperStudio stacks. Fortunately, although there are some glitches,
the students could create stacks with Arabic text. Most of the students
really took "ownership" of their work, something that they don't often do
in the English-based curriculum of the university. Students all have had
laptops for four or more years, and here was something they could finally
use in a unique self-determinative way rather than being determined by
software that seems more restricted in functional orientation (e.g.,
presentation structure of PowerPoint).

? Our university is in the process of purchasing HyperStudio for a 10-week
course I will teach next fall. Sometimes I get an uneasy feeling that
HyperStudio will not last (cf. Apple's HyperCard which died a slow death,
perhaps because it wasn't a high profit corporate product). Is HyperStudio
like old cars that you could tune, repair, modify? Will people really want
to put work into tuning, modifying, creating their own software?
? HyperStudio certainly was successful in motivating the small group of
future teachers here, perhaps because they come from a more
oral-presentation cultural background, and enjoy utilizing multimedia. I
wonder at times whether the world in general is heading back to a more
oral-presentation mode of knowledge (rather than text-based knowledge and
imagination). If so it would be great if the multimedia world would
stimulate creativity and ownership, as it did for my small group, rather
than make people passive experiencers of life.

Dale Havill

Professor Dale Havill, Ph.D.
Phone: 971-2-445-3300 x811 Fax: 971-2-443-4847?????
Arts & Sciences/Natural & Quantitative Sciences
c/o Zayed University, P.O. Box 4783
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I especially liked: "Most of the students really took "ownership" of their
work, something that they don't often do in the English-based curriculum of
the university."

And also found it interesting, the concern for the products longevity and
profitability status...


A mind once stretched, will never return to its original dimentions.

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