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 Web help - more feedback on maze project

> I posted a MicroWorlds Pro project on the web.  some computers get
> it some don't.

Laura, I have more remarks for you, now that I have tried your
project online and offline.

1) The "stop" hand which you referred to is not available in all
versions of MW.  It is not available in MW 2.0, for instance.  So in
those versions, when your user gets an announcement and has no choice
but to click OK, he/she immediately gets the same announcement over
again and it can become really impossible to escape.  There is no
chance for the key commands to take effect.  I suggest you program
the black color to make an announcement and then add:
bk 3 stopall

That gets the turtle off of the black color (since I see you are
using FD 3 wait 1 for your turtle command) and stops the movement,
forcing another click of the "go" button.  Or you could even set it
up so that the student returns to a starting position after touching
a black wall.

2) The arrow keys did not work for me on a PC, until I looked at your
procedures and remembered why.  There is a weird bug in MW such that
in some versions, you need to click on the background of the page
(NOT on a button or a turtle or any other object) in order to
activate the KEY? command.  You have included the KEY? command, but
you really don't need it.  (For the sake of those who did not want to
dig your project out of Temporary Internet Files to look at the code,
I've copied all your code at the bottom of this message.)  Using the
procedures that Jeff or I gave you, you can avoid KEY? and that

3) Keep in mind that MW 2.0 only has 64 shapes.  When I ran your
project in MW 2.0, I got an error message on your third page,
because runner4 is shape 65, and my version of MW could not view it.
The solution is to cut the higher-numbered shapes from their existing
locations and paste them into shapes whose numbers are 64 or less.
Either that, or just be aware that your project is not compatible
with all versions.

4) Also be aware that the default shapes are different for different
versions of MW.  When you use a default shape and do not refer to the
shape by name, each version of MW will supply its own shape.  When I
used your project on the web, I could see your student just fine.
When I viewed it with MW 2.0, I could only see a little dot.  Why?
Your shape was "construction1."  It was shape 46.  In MW 2.0, the
default for shape 46 is a little dot (an empty shape).  The solution
is to modify at least one pixel of each default shape you are using,
and resave the shape.  That way the project considers it a custom
shape and will display it in all versions (as long as it is located
within the first 64 shapes so that it can be viewed in MW 2.0).

5) Since you use FD 3 WAIT 1 and your black lines are not all that
thick, my little "dot" that was not a student just kept going (after
I clicked OK) and entered the grassy area, where it encountered an
assortment of colors... and voila!  Before I knew it, I received an
announcement that I had completed the maze and was ready for Level
2.  All this by wandering out of bounds!!  You might consider making
your walls a bit thicker or only programming colors which are used
exclusively within the maze, not in the background.  (Note:  the
brick areas also produced unexpected announcements.)

6) Instead of having the user click on a "Level2" button, why not
program the color in the target area so that after your
congratulatory announcement, the next page is automatically
accessed?  Then delete the Level2 button.

7) You pointed out on your introductory page that the user could
cheat by dragging the student around.  You can prevent the user from
doing this by typing
This way the turtle will still respond to the programming commands
but cannot be dragged by those tempted to cheat.
If you do this, be SURE that you provide a way to make sure that a
shape won't get stuck endlessly on the black color (such as appending
the BK 3 STOPALL suggestion above).

8) If you are interested in reducing file size, be aware that the
backgrounds (brick and grass) and use of spray paint add quite a lot
to project size.  Can you believe that I reduced the size of your
project from 456K to 130K simply by blotting out most of your grass
and bricks using the solid rectangle tool?  For a lab setting, go
ahead and use realistic backgrounds; for the web, keep it simple and

You have a lot of clever ideas; I hope you send more projects our
way.  I also encourage you to join MW{*filter*}course ... go to

http://www.*-*-*.com/ {*filter*}course

Many of the members also belong to LogoForum, but as the name
suggests, the focus is on MicroWorlds.

(Your code is below my signature.)

Wendy Petti
MicroWorlds in Action
Math Cats

* * * *

code for Laura's online project:

to go
tto "t1

to keyboard-input
forever[if key?[process-key]]

to process-key
let [key ascii readchar]
if :key = 38 [seth 0]
if :key = 39 [seth 90]
if :key = 40 [seth 180]
if :key = 37 [seth 270]

to asc2
make "num ascii readchar
print :num

to level1

to level2

to freetime

to Graduation!!!

to beginning

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