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I'm trying to find ways to cut down on file size with student electronic
storybooks made with MicroWorlds 2.0 on a Macintosh, so I can put some on
my school web page.  I thought I had read somewhere that text boxes take up
more memory than stamped text, so I decided to check it out.  To my
surprise, a 5 page storybook took up 176K with text boxes and 254K with
stamped text and the text boxes deleted with the scissors tool after
stamping.  However, when I used the LCSI tools for converting to HTML, they
both ended up being about 235K (239,983 bytes made from text boxes and
240,008 bytes made from stamped text).  I'm having fun doing this.  I even
figured out how to edit the HTML on the MW page to include a button to link
back to the school web page after reading the MW storybook.  As soon as I
get student and parent permission to post the stories, I'll share the URL
for those interested.

I'm still hoping that LCSI will create a Mac plugin similar to the Windows
plugin that will allow me to post the cool animations my students are
creating with MW.  Right now I'm limited to stories with no animation or


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Sat, 13 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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