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 LOGO-L> teaching logo to young kids

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for the swift answer.  I used an "address shortener" that apparently only
works from over here.  Check our:
which is my full and proper address.
I hope it works, as a spent a lot of hours putting it together.
Bye, Leah


> Hi Leah
> could you check the url you posted for your site; I got a 'server not
> found' error.
> Have a look at www.microworlds.com for what I think is THE best logo to
> have...these are the same people who built the Hebrew version of
> LogoWriter that you have.

> cheers

> Jeff Richardson

> > I am new to your Logo forum, but I have been following the discussion of
> > teaching Logo to young kids.  I'm not familiar with all of the different
> > kinds of Logo I seen people discussing on the forum, since I don't live in
> > the U.S.  What I've been using is the old DOS version of the Logo Writer,
> > which is the only Logo I can get hold of in my pupils first language
> > (Hebrew).  I've been using this quite successfully for a number of years in
> > grades 3 and 4.

> > I recently opened a web site, explaining my school's curriculum with Logo.
> > If you'd like to check it out, it's at www.move.to\leah.

> > If someone in the forum can enlighten me as to what all these different
> > versions of Logo are, I would greatly appreciate it.  I recently bought
> > Terrepinlogo's PCLogo in English for my 5th and 6th graders, and we're
> > having a lot of fun with it!

> > By the way, I enjoyed following your discussions - nobody in my country
> > (Israel) seems to be teaching Logo any more.

> > Bye, Leah

> > > I am starting to toy with the idea of volunteering in my son's school
> > > and teaching Logo to young kids.  Is K-2 too young?  Are there materials
> > > out there that would be helpful?  We would have to use one of the many
> > > freely available dialects out there -- what's good.  The computer lab
> > > has reasonably modern IBM PCs.

> > > I might mention that I don't acutally *know* logo, but am an experienced
> > > computer scientist with lisp experience, so I don't think that will be
> > > too much of a problem. :)

> > > Thanks,
> > > --Robyn
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> > ---------------------------------------------------------------


Wed, 05 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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