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 LOGO-L> Another Word scuplturing


Here's another sample of word-sculpturing. It takes a word and shapes it
in the form of a diamond. Try it with word of even and odd length.

to main
ts ct
type[Give me a word ==>\ ]
diamond rw

to diamond :wrd
expand bf bl :wrd 1
pr :wrd
shrink bf bl :wrd 1

to expand :wrd :spc
if 2>count :wrd[print_it stop]
expand bf bl :wrd :spc+1 print_it

to shrink :wrd :spc
if 2>count :wrd[stop]
shrink bf bl :wrd :spc+1

to spaces :spc
if 0=:spc[op "]
op word "\  spaces :spc-1

to print_it
pr word spaces :spc :wrd

Please note that the backslash in SPACES is followed by *2* spaces.
If your flavor of Logo doesn't support the backslash, replace "\  by
CHAR 32 in SPACES, and simply ignore it at MAIN.

Enjoy it,



Mon, 06 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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