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Your new code for string patern is, as we say here, simple and tasteful. And, the result is very beautiful. The idea with PUSH/POP can be generalized for any curve, which is described by a function.

For example:

to connect
pu setpos pop "l1
pd setpos pop "l2

to curve :l1 :l2 :a
pu setxy -:a y :a pd
for [x -:a 0 2][push "l1 pos setxy :x y :x]
for [x 0 :a 2][push "l2 pos setxy :x y :x]
repeat count :l2[connect]

to main
ct cs ht setpc 4 pu
curve [] [] 50

to procs
ed[main curve y connect procs]

to y :x
op :x*:x/10


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Tue, 09 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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