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 LOGO-L> Apple Logo - for Apple IIe

I know. It's incredible. But my son's school has these machines and that's
where they do logo. The problem is that the EDIT command seems to be broken.
It just hangs the machine (I've tried several disks (probably all clones of
each other) and several machines (I hope everyone can parse nested
parentheses)) Is there anyplace where I can get a working copy of Apple Logo
for the Apple IIe?

They do have some Macs, and there is a Berkely Logo on one of them, but, it
does not appear that there is a way to save and load files...Oh...No... I
didn't see anything on the menu, but perhaps "load" and "save" work.... duh...

Thanks for any help,
David Rogers


Wed, 26 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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