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Dear Olga,
My 4th grade (9-10 years old) students enjoyed a very similar exercise,
programmed almost identically, but creating random poetry of the form:

Adjective noun,
Adjective, adjective, adjective
Verb adverb.

It actually turned out to be more than just fun; they ran into subject/verb
number agreement issues, and for some of them it illuminated the troubling
question, "Is that an adjective, or an adverb?" But we did get some
delightfully silly poems.

Julie E.
<< I can propose one game which my young students enjoyed greatly,
 though it has nothing to do with programming. What follows is for
 Wicro Worlds, but I think it could be easily adjusted to other
 environments and Logo dialects.

 Make five textboxes.
 Write down some adjectives into the first textbox (green, bold, etc).
 Write down some nouns into the second one.
 Write down some verbs into the third textbox.
 Write some expressions answering the question WHERE? into the fourth
 Then you may hide the textboxes if you wish.
 The program is very short:

 to nonsense
 text5, pr(se textpick "text1
                   textpick "text2
                   textpick "text3
                   textpick "text4)

 The program prints randomly chosen lines from the each textbox
 connected into one sentence.


Sun, 05 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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