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There are 2 "Sound" systems in a PC. The "PC speaker" and optionally
the "Sound card" (Blaster compatible usually).  Some sound cards will
pump the sound through the "PC Speaker" and some systems will pump
the "PC Speaker" through the amp of the sound card. But most systems
keep them seperate. If they are seperate the PC speaker has no "Volume
control" in softrware or hardware. The PC speaker uses a very low quality
speaker and are often not mounted in places that they can be clearly heard.

The SOUND command in MSWLogo generates "PC Speaker" sounds.
PLAYWAVE and MIDIMESSAGE use 2 of the capabilities of your sound

You may have a bad, poor, or poorly mounted PC Speaker. You might be
able to hook your PC speaker to your sound card's Amp for high quality
sound and volume control.  Ask your local PC expert to see if it's possible.

You can cross check MSWLogo by trying another application that uses the
"PC Speaker" to compare volume.

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Date: Friday, January 02, 1998 11:53 PM
Subject: MSWLogo sound


>Date - 1 Jan 1998 23:52:35 GMT

>Usenet: comp.lang.logo


>We're having problems with the SOUND command, running MSWLogo under
>Windows'95.  The SOUND command generates an extremely low-volume sound
>which one can barely hear when the speaker's volume knob is turned
>up completely.

>I've tried adjusting the software volume (SoundBlaster) controls, but
>they have no affect on the volume for LOGO's SOUND.  If anyone is
>familiar with this problem or has a suggested fix, I'd be very grateful
>for any help.

>Thanks in advance,


Thu, 22 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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