Slow down this turtle, please 
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 Slow down this turtle, please

Hi I'm here again finding out interesting things. And asking always asking

This is a very speedy turtle, teacher, I can't really see how much it's
turning right!
Interesting point. I found out slowdraw,  it's fantastic and it's solving my
I've changed a few things and converted it into a slowturn routine that was
saved in the Library Procedures.
Slowdraw makes your fd and bk instructions to be drawn slower and slowturn
makes the same but with your rt and lt instruction (I'm talking about
MSWLogo (6.4)

to slowturn :speed
make "redefp "true
; Restore things if already slow
if primitivep "origleft~
   copydef "left "origleft
   copydef "lt      "origleft
   erase "origleft
if primitivep "origright~
   copydef "right    "origright
   copydef "rt      "origright
   erase "origright
; if a delay was specified define new slow turn routines
if not :speed = 0~
   copydef "origleft "left
   copydef "origright  "right
   erase "rt
   define "rt (list [d] (list "repeat :speed (list "origright (word ": "d)
"/ :speed "wait 1)))
   erase "lt
   define "lt (list [d] (list "repeat :speed (list "origleft    (word ": "d)
"/ :speed "wait 1)))
   copydef "left "lt
   copydef "right    "rt
make "redefp "false

I'm not a programmer, so can anybody explain me how this delay is produced?.
I could understand why the programmer used primitivep ,copydef ,"redefp and
wait but I'm not good in managing lists.

Ana Anticic Lovic
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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Tue, 11 May 2004 11:22:01 GMT  
 Slow down this turtle, please

>   define "rt (list [d] (list "repeat :speed (list "origright (word ": "d)
>"/ :speed "wait 1)))

The (word ": "d) part is unnecessarily complicated;
will work.

>I'm not a programmer, so can anybody explain me how this delay is produced?.

The delay is produced by the WAIT primitive, which takes an input in 1/60 sec
units.  So if :SPEED is 10 and you say RIGHT 90, what happens is
        repeat 10 [origright 9 wait 1]
so the total turning is 10*9 = 90, but it takes 10/60 sec to happen.

Sat, 15 May 2004 05:15:28 GMT  
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