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Hello All,

Olga, Brian, Ray and maybe also others, were talking about composing
random sentences.

An activity I've done several times with my students was to take any
well-known song, and replace in it RANDOMLY certain words, keeping the
general pattern of the song intact.
The activity was a fun for my (20+ years old) students. Here's an

to main ; Semi-Random Song
pr(se[Humpty Dumpty] past [on the] noun)
pr(se[Humpty Dumpty had a] adjective noun)
pr(se[All the King's]plural[and all the King's]plural)
pr(se[Could not] present [Humpty Dumpty back again])
pr "
ifelse rc=char 27[stop][main]            ; Esc to quit

to past
op pick[sat went ran dreamed jumped played enjoyed]

to noun
op pick[wall floor carpet horse saddle test balcony]

to adjective
op pick[big small slow fast bad good sudden rare]

to plural
op pick[horses men servants donkeys friends soldiers]

to present
op pick[fix put forget disregard rebuild dismantle]




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