How can you run Logo in XP 
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 How can you run Logo in XP


> 2) Someone asked a few messages ago if there are any Logo programs that
> teach science and math concepts. The sites recommended were mostly in
> Microworlds. Do you know any in MSW Logo?

> And here (Seems to be offline at the time):
> http://www.*-*-*.com/
> Mr. Fujikawa's WWW page which includes projects he has done
> with his High School Physics students in Japan.

I found the new incarnation of Mr. Fujikawa's site, here:
link mantainers should update their sites.

But the first post didn't ask about math concepts (the subject of that
older message was: Physics and Science Demos)

LogoFE is a library of procedures that can be used to explore math
concepts (it's in Spanish):

OpenWorld Learning

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