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Does anyone knows of a proyect like this one made with Logo?

A while back I was talking about programming robots to fight,
know I'm talking about programming armies to conquer :)

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Subject:  Re: AI for a simple board game
Organization:  Knights of the Readtable
Date:  Fri, 5 Sep 1997 15:16:31 GMT

> I have been pondering the AI used in a simple board game,
> like RISK.  Does anyone have any good ideas on creating
> an AI to play well against one other human player?
> I've been looking for useful strategies to implement.

In the case of RISK-like games there happens to be a neat framework
for developing AI players called "Conquest", by Paul McCartney

and is available at

I've included the introduction and the section on strategy from the

John Wiseman

1 Introduction

The purpose of this document is to introduce the Conquest AI project.
"Conquest" is an interactive strategy game played between two or more
players (see section 2.0).  The software provided by this project
includes the user interface (i.e. graphics screen, human interaction),
program control, and a basic computer player.  The job of the users of
this project is to design and implement computer players.
Implementation of computer players is done using the Macintosh Common
LISP environment, using CLOS objects as a basis.  This document
assumes that the reader is familiar with CLOS and the Macintosh Common
LISP environment.

This version of Conquest is not "hard coded" for one particular board
(e.g. planet Earth).  Testing and evaluation of computer players
should involve multiple boards (e.g. Mars, Earth, etc.) to ensure that
the computer players have a sufficiently general strategy (i.e. can
they win on more than one board).

This software was developed by me in Fall of 1992 while I was a
teaching assistant for a graduate level AI course.  I made this
software so that each student in the course could implement their own
computer player.  At the end of the course, we had a Conquest
tournament with all of the studentsU players.  The player source code
of the first and second place winners of the tournament are included
with this software (Bob Kollmeyer, first place; Terry Idol, second

6 Conquest Game Strategy Tips

The following is a partial list of Conquest strategies that I use in
playing the game.  Note that some of the strategies actually conflict
with each other.  A well balanced, intelligent player should determine
compromises between the following strategies as well as exceptions.

1)  Defend borders

2)  Minimize borders

3)  Maximize number of countries owned

4)  Maximize number of continents owned

5)  Choose continents with a high country/border ratio

6)  Minimize number of continents that an enemy owns

7)  Take over at least one enemy country each turn

8)  Avoid letting an enemy defeat any of your countries

9)  Completely take over a weak enemy with a large number of cards

10)  The enemy of your strongest enemy is your ally

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