LOGO-L> is it a snow flake or a star 
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 LOGO-L> is it a snow flake or a star

;Hello Every body
;Here is a code for a multi shape "fractal. ? ". How it could be named
;a star or a snow flake ?.
;Best Regards
to go
ht for [i 4 8][for [j 4 5][cs pu sety -280 pd hefny 100 :j :i wait 30]wait 50]

to hefny :l :order :n
if :order = 0 [stop]
pu fd :l*2 pd
repeat :n [fd :l lt 360/ :n fd :l rt 360/ :n hefny :l/4 :order-1 :n rt 360/ :n]
pu bk :l* :n pd

Thu, 25 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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