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 The Family Center

Might be a opportunity to introduce lots of little kids to Logo.   Lots of
little kids.      Dale


The Family Center
A Family Center reflects our mission to meet a wide range of family needs by
expanding the impact of the traditional child care center to programs for a
much broader portion of the working population. The Family Center is an
important recognition that children come to us not as individuals, but as
members of families, with parents, siblings, and extended families.

Our Family Centers are providing more varied services than ever before:
school-age care through the young {*filter*} years, off-site summer camps,
community service projects for youth, and even work-site schools. A Family
Center may include back-up care on a daily basis, for special events, or for
emergencies like hurricanes or blizzards. The family is our starting point
for developing services and program content, and for defining our roles and
our success. <snip>

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