Robotic bargains... 
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 Robotic bargains...

Here you go, Bob.  RoboCode from IBM Corporation.  Here are the
online tutotial which give detailed intructions on how to download
the free java program from IBM.  Of course, the tutorials also teach
middle schoolers java.


:-)  edwin

> Was:  A {*filter*} in a pinch

> >So I quickly loaded MSW on the available PCs, created a {*filter*},
and sold
> >the kids on a "Virtual Robot".  They bought it, had a lot of fun
and I
> >observed an unintended benefit.  The kids learned to lighten up!

> I'd like to see the Virtual robot, as I'm constantly looking for
low cost
> ways to introduce robotics. I find robotics such an

interdisciplinary arena

> that theres something in it for almost all kids.

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Sat, 23 Oct 2004 11:48:58 GMT  
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