government funding of mind control 
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 government funding of mind control


> But what I cannot figure out is why governments desire its citizens to think
> about thinking.  It seems to me that better thinkers would be more difficult
> to control.

the story is much more mundane. It's arguable that Logo is a spinoff of
the cold war. Much of the gestative debevelopment that underlies Logo was
directly or indirectly funded or supported by DARPA. It's surpisingly
intertwined with the story of the internet. A generous interpretation of
this history might be to cite it as an example of the unintended and
unexpected outcomes that flow from well funded and unfettered research.
Another interpretation might be that government on any large scale is so
so cumbersome that linking intent to outcome, or excercising anything
resembling control is close to impossible.
My view is that governments are not interested in controlling the
citizenry, they're not interested in them at all.


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