LOGO-L> A note of thanks 
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 LOGO-L> A note of thanks

I have been using MSW Logo for several months in classes I teach in a
prison. I never get to take my students much beyond creating their own
procedures with parameters and simple animations because they are never with
me for more than a few weeks before they leave for other correctional
facilities or they go back to the outside world. Still, we do a lot of
experimenting and problem solving. It is very pleasing to me that many
students ask if I can give them a copy of MSW Logo to take with them. I want
to thank George, Brian, and everyone else who have invested so much of
themselves in MSW Logo and see fit to give it away for free, thereby
enabling me to pass it along to my students. The kind of learning that will
take place when these guys continue on their own is the best kind of
learning in my view. You folks deserve a lot of credit.

Tom Woods


Mon, 18 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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