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 LOGO-L> Semi-Random Sentences

Yehuda's semi-random song reminded me of random sentences and the powerful
images they can generate in our minds when we read them. I lifted Yehuda's
technique and produced the following. Plug in your own words for added
enjoyment. It strikes me that something like this would be a great way to
introduce grammar, get kids to start playing with words, and to integrate
Logo with language arts. Any thoughts?

to adjective
op pick[big small slow fast bad good sudden rare quiet
loud large quiet red yellow green blue orange violet
laughing talking whimpering crying sequestered smelly
rotten obtuse radical awesome mighty courageous cowardly
fearful wimpy loving spiteful hateful token independent
Australian Russian Israeli American English Spanish Italian
German Swiss French Canadian intelligent ignorant indifferent
humble arrogant]

to adverb
op pick[singularly carfully gently clumsily noisily silently minimally
copiously mindlessly mindfully correctly politely rudely passively
blindly perilously]

to main ; Word Images
pr(se[The] adjective noun1 preposition [the] noun2 adverb)
pr(se verb [the] adjective noun1)
pr "
ifelse rc=char 27[stop][main]            ; Esc to quit

to noun1
op pick[worker mother father son daughter artisan laborer
scientist teacher student housekeeper landlord driver
politician philosopher soldier singer dancer stockbroker
terrorist expert clown president psychiatrist doctor]

to noun2
op pick[house barn garage wall floor carpet
outhouse balcony automobile wagon airplane ocean
school desk factory hallway tower cellar mountain]

to preposition
op pick[behind under on in with against beside]

to verb
op pick[toils strains implodes lifts watches
observes analyzes whacks taps throws chastizes
sniffs tastes organizes tidies creates
enters leaves thanks eats builds radiates
forgets rejuvenates builds]


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