A little story on Logo as an inter-human language 
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 A little story on Logo as an inter-human language

In April '95, I visited Hong Kong. At their superb science museum,
they had a number of computers with applications available to the
visitor, including one with Logo. A Chinese boy, about 12, was getting
nowhere. I tapped a few things, he got the idea of FD x, RT y, CLS,
etc. I went off for about half an hour. When I came back I showed him
TO thingie ... END. Went off again. Came back. TO thingie :x :y (or
whatever the syntax is for passing parameters) Went off/ came back.
This went on for about three hours. The fun is in the following.... If
he spoke English, he never used it. I certainly don't speak Chinese...
and yet we still communicated... quite complex ideas. At the end, his
mother appeared for the first time. Again, she didn't speak English,
but still communicated gratifying gratitude.

Tom (England)

Freeware, shareware for IBM type pcs. Ideas for parents, teachers

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