a feedback success story 
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 a feedback success story

The year and the time in that dialog are "Up-Down Controls", which I think
are also called spin controls. I do not (yet?) know what MicroWorlds
supports but if it supports Up-Down Controls then perhaps you need to
specify a "buddy window". For the technical details about Up-Down Controls,
< http://www.*-*-*.com/

In my opinion, I would prefer to have the ability to go directly to a number
instead of having to spin through other numbers to get to a number. Perhaps
a list box of numbers could pop up when the number is clicked.

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> I experimented with using sliders instead of textboxes, but I didn't like
> much space they consumed and the tiny size of the numbers.  Bob agreed
> he didn't much care for that interface either.  He added,
> "I've seen a technique in several Date/time oriented programs that might
> work for you.  In the bottom right of your screen, in the systray, double
> click on the
> date. Look at the year and the time. They seem to use squashed vertical
> scroll bars, unless they're spin controls.
> It's a nice effect, good use of screen space etc.
> I'm not sure what controls you have in MW, but based on the problem I
> earlier, you might have what this would take."

> In fact, MicroWorlds is not set up to implement something like this; even
> you make a squashed textbox so that only one line shows at a time,
> on the up and down triangles does not do anything to activate each exposed
> line.  But his idea got me thinking that maybe I could come up with
> way to make something happen when you click on little triangles.  By
> 6 more turtles, and creating 14 new turtle shapes (for  two blue triangles
> pointing left and right and the numbers 1 - 12, color-coded to match the
> Cuisenaire rods), and completely reworking the code, I developed a new
> interface so that two "number turtles" are each framed by a left triangle
> a right triangle.  (I also gave each of the new shapes a rectangular
> of extra white space so that one doesn't have to click exactly on the
> part of the shape .)  Clicking on a number or a right triangle changes
> number turtle's shape to the next highest number, and clicking on the left
> triangle decreases its shape value by 1.  At the same time, the value of
> behind-the-scenes variables is shifting, so that the computer can use
> values to create the rectangular grids representing the multiplication
> and display the numerical answers on demand.  So now the project is
> glitch-free, more visually-appealing, and more user-friendly than anything
> could have come up with entirely on my own.

> [snipped]

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