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 LOGO-L> Big brother Microsoft

We love to bash the big powerful guys. I am also a little guy, but my strategic
direction is with Microsoft. Why ........???
*  I started my computer career (in the late sixties) with IBM. We were
informed of our position under the consent decree and were instructed to behave
* I worked for Sperry and NCR who were competitors to IBM. They no longer exist
in their original form. But it is interesting to note that IBM does not
dominate the industry the way they used to.
* I decided to throw my hat in on the PC bandwagon, even though the Mac was
originally the better system. I was concerned about any company that was going
it alone (with their proprietary systems). We all know the precarious position
of Apple today.
* I predict that the PC will rapidly increase its share of the education market
. Price performance and range of software will be the driving factors. Also the
fact that most homes have PC's makes it very easy to integrate home and school
computer activity.
* For those of you who have Macs: it is a great system (Windows95 has only just
caught up!)  There is no rush to change. However, when you are in the position
of having to do a major upgrade of your own (or school lab) system, I would
strongly recommend that you reevaluate your strategic direction. For the next
decade, you can't go wrong with Microsoft.

For those of you who hate the big and powerful (I think most of us belong in
this category) be consoled:
* The US of A takes monopolistic practices very seriously.
* Gates has thrived from the outset by grabbing innovative ideas from others.
If you have a good software package, he will take you over and you'll lose your
independence and "suffer" as a multimillionaire for the rest of your life.
* If an official at Microsoft is sticking it to you, tell them that they are
acting monopolistic and ask to speak to his/her boss.
* Gates may be one of the richest men, but IBM and many other companies are
bigger than Microsoft.
* Every dog has its day!

Ray Catzel
President  ComputerPals

Internet:   http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~pals


Wed, 26 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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