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> I enjoyed seeing the latest flood of fractals.  Some of them are really
> nice.  They are all based on straight lines (e.g., FD etc).  So here is a
> challange for you: design a fractal which is based on curved lines.  I
> guess in LOGO you would need to define a function that does FD on a circle
> of a given radius.

> If you are sucessful, I am sure your name be attached to the fractal.


Hi, Chuck!

Not for glory...
But in the sake of interest.

to fract.curve.for_Chuck
for [:i 4 1 -1][setpc :i fract.curve :i 150 180 pu home pd]

to fract.curve :st :r :dl
 if :st=0 [arc2 :dl :r  stop]
 fract.curve :st-1 :r :dl/3  lt 60
 fract.curve :st-1 :r :dl/3  rt 120-:dl/3
 fract.curve :st-1 :r :dl/3  lt 60
 fract.curve :st-1 :r :dl/3

I haven't downloaded the latest version of the MSW Logo yet, so, I'm
not sure the main routine works. The subrouitine works. The result is
in the attachment.



Olga Tuzova, Ph.D.
Computer Science teacher,
International School of General Education,
St.Petersburg, Russia,

URL http://www.*-*-*.com/

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Fri, 26 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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