infix vs. prefix (was: Points, then Finish) 
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 infix vs. prefix (was: Points, then Finish)


> >For example, I get lost
> >in reading LISP programs, but this doesn't mean that I hate LISP.

> Maybe you haven't tried enough. I have studied a lot of languages at
> the university, practiced some of them and really used 3 of them (by
> 'really' I mean during one year at least, in the software industry):
> in my opinion Common Lisp is unbeatable about readability and power
> expressiveness (Scheme and maybe some other functional languages
> should be close to CL from this point of view).

This seems to be subjective, as personally I find Logo more readable
than Lisp. Back in my Programming Languages class in college I was
converting Lisp and SML to Logo, and producing some quite readable
code. It helped me to understand the Lisp and SML code. Perhaps
because I was more familiar, and thus more comfortable with the Logo
I have to admit, even my ole Prof. admired the simplicity and
I don't like to repeat the common complaint, but it is those
darn "parens" that drive me crazy in Lisp.

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Wed, 30 Jun 2004 14:37:17 GMT  
 infix vs. prefix (was: Points, then Finish)


>I don't like to repeat the common complaint, but it is those
>darn "parens" that drive me crazy in Lisp.

yes this a common complain. It has always surprised me, it seems  that
people differ in this. At the time I was learning programming and
several languages in parallel (assembly language, Lisp and algol-like
languages), Lisp parens wasn't a source of complaining for me and as
far as I remember for the other students.

Maybe the editor you was using didn't provide enough support to Lisp
editing, like : automatic indentation based on parenthesis level,
flashing of the matching parenthesis, commands for moving forward and
backward over list, ... BTW this I really would like in an integrated
editor of every Logo product ;)

Francis Leboutte
Le Logo l'athne de Waha :
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Sat, 03 Jul 2004 18:08:18 GMT  
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