Slow down this turtle, please 
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 Slow down this turtle, please

Ana, your program reminds me of the interesting article at:


 Papers are on a variety of Logo topics including classroom practice and
Logo programming. We have an index that includes both Logo Update articles
and papers. You can access it in two ways:
Listed by title
Listed by author

  Fuzzy Logo by Brian Silverman and Michael Tempel

 ? 1985 LCSI
? 1991 Logo Foundation

You may copy and distribute this document for educational purposes provided
that you do not charge for such copies and that this copyright notice is
reproduced in full.

Logo Foundation
250 West 85th Street, Suite 4D
New York, NY 10024
Telephone: (212) 579-8028
FAX: (212) 579-8013

Board of Directors
Seymour Papert, Chair
Clotilde Fonseca
Tessa R. Harvey
Geraldine Kozberg
Michael Tempel
Takayuki Tsuru

The Logo Foundation is a nonprofit educational
organization incorporated in New York State.

Logo provides idealized environments for exploring ideas. The Turtle
Geometry Microworld is a streamlined setting in which people may become
acquainted with geometry and mathematics more generally. Feedback is quick
and accurate.

repeat 4 [forward 100 right 90]

reliably and precisely produces a square. The idea of squareness, four equal
sides and 90 degree corners, emerges from the process of telling the turtle
to draw a square.

But what if Turtle Geometry was not quite so clean and neat? What if forward
and right were somewhat inaccurate? What if these commands didn't work at
all? Would Turtle Geometry lose its educational value, or would new learning
possibilities emerge instead?

We began with two separate ideas. One was to create a Logo in which forward,
back, right, and left worked, but with a random error of up to ten percent.
Forward 100 moves the turtle forward anywhere from 90 to 110 steps. This is
not unlike the real world in which reliable systems, including the computers
on which Logo runs, are engineered using imprecise components. Our
expectation was that people would develop strategies utilizing feedback to
correct or manage the defects we introduced into Logo.

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