LOGO-L> conic shape in ucblogo & mswlogo 
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 LOGO-L> conic shape in ucblogo & mswlogo

;Hello every body
;Here is the code for a cone made of paper;(I can't figure its exact name).
;It will run as is on both UCBLogo and MSWLogo.
;Best Regards.

to go
cs ht
grid 18

to grid :step
pu gridx :step pu gridz :step

to gridx :step
for [x 0 2050 :step][for [z 0 250 :step][mysetxyz x y-70 z pd]pu]

to gridz :step
for [z 0 250 :step][for [x 0 2050 :step][mysetxyz x y-70 z pd]pu]

to mysetxyz :a :b :c
setxy (:a- :c)*cos 30 :b- (:a+ :c)*sin 30

to x
op :z/4 * sin :x/2

to y
op -100+ (:x/5 * sin :z/5)

to z
op :z/4 * cos :x/2

Sat, 13 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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