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 LOGO-L> MSWLogo 6.2 is available

Part II) New features/bugs fixed:

   o Many folks have requested it and now here it is. MSWLogo now
     controls directly in the graphics. They are the same controls that
     GROUPBOXCREATE. You use them just as you always have but you just
     create a "Parent" window to host them. When a control is placed in
     graphics window the coordinates and dimensions are in turtles

   o To help take advantage of controls in the graphics window I've
     a new command called WINDOWSET. It allows more control of "Windows"
     (specifically MSWLogo's Windows). Now that you can have controls in
     the graphics window why would you care about a new command to
     a Window. Because now you can Hide the Commander Window and
maximize the
     graphics Window for one thing. Or do the reverse Maximize the
     Window and Hide the graphics Window.

   o To help debug and manage controls I've enhanced a WINDOWDELETE
     deletes all controls if the specified window does not exist this
     controls in the graphics window.

   o To help debug and manage controls I've enhanced the WINDOWDEBUG
     to allow no arguments to mean list all controls in all windows.

   o Seeing the frequent requests for changing a Button's Label I have
     BUTTONUPDATE. Rather than delete and recreate the button with the
     text you simply use BUTTONUPDATE with the new text.

   o GIFs can now be loaded as well as saved via the BITMAP menu or with
     new command GIFLOAD. All GIF operations are limited to 32bit
flavors of
     MSWLogo. Loading Animated GIFs is not supported perhaps in the

   o BITLOADSIZE has been renamed to BITSIZE and functionality changed
     only output the size without loading it. This allows you to make
     based on it's size before your load it. GIFSIZE likewise was added.

   o And most important Jim's The Great Logo Adventure book is now
     at fine book stores. Also check out

These 6.1 Patches are also included in 6.2

   o Added for 6.1g, Fixed bug in SETXY/SETX/SETY introduced in 6.1b.
     WRAPing when X or Y is 0 would crash.

   o Added for 6.1f, Save and SaveAs from the Menu will now print
     an error message if a problem occurs during save (e.g. a write
     locked destination).

   o Added for 6.1e, Fixed SETSCREENCOLOR (SETSC) and FILL having
     what known as a "DC" (DeviceContext) leak. This mainly effected
     16 bit flavors because Win32 protects itself from stupid mistakes
     like this. I introduced this bug in 6.0e with the new "FILL".

   o Added for 6.1d, Removed this change from 6.1c "Modified TYPE
     command to "flush" after an interactive command has been
     issued". It behaved to much like PRINT while in interactive

   o Added for 6.1d, Fixed "Command Recall List Box" in commander
     getting stuck sometimes when large amounts of data are sent
     to it.

   o Added for 6.1d, Fixed MOUSECOPY to save, set and restore

   o Added for 6.1c, Fixed BUTFIRSTS memory leak.

   o Added for 6.1c, Fixed MOUSECOPY to work in SETSCRUNCH mode
     (by saving, setting and restoring it).

   o Added for 6.1c, Fixed unnecessarily low limit on recursive depth.

   o Added for 6.1c, Added "Expert" mode switch "-e" on command line.
     Expert mode disables some warning boxes, allows saving directly to
     the workspace and does not "round" the output of POS and POSXYZ
     (for performance and accuracy reasons).

   o Added for 6.1c, Reenabled "rounding" the output of POS and POSXYZ
     by default (unless in "Expert" mode).

   o Added for 6.1c, Modified TYPE command to "flush" after an
     command has been issued.

   o Added for 6.1b, Animated gifs now have smarter palette usage to
     help decrease file size.

   o Added for 6.1b, GIFs are now non interlaced to improve animation

   o Added for 6.1b, Fixed SETPOS, SETXY to adhere to SETSCRUNCH
     mode (scaling).

   o Added for 6.1a, now allows SETPENSIZE, SETPENCOLOR,
     point and integer arguments. In the previous fix they
     had to be ALL float or All Integer.

   o Added for 6.1a, I did not mention in the updates below that
     the GIF capabilities are only available in the 32 bit versions
     of MSWLogo (32s and 32b).


The www page contains some very powerful educational software.
Our single most important investment is our kids.

Sat, 13 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 LOGO-L> MSWLogo 6.2 is available


> George I have a question about saving procedures. Some times my son will
> finish working in MSW Logo will have saveed his procedures as he has
> finished them then the next evening he tries to use them and it says I don't
> know how to then the procedure Name. He will then try to edit them and it
> will be defined but no other entries for the procedure even though he has
> saved them the previous night. Could you describe how  and when the
> procedures should be saved? Also is there a way you can save only what you
> need of the procedure and not the whole work space?

> Jim Clark
> P.S. We have been using 6.1 and I just downloaded 6.2. thanks for all your
> work!

You need to LOAD the work you SAVEd to get the definitions back.
If you edit a procedure that does not exist it will create an
empty definition for you.

Also don't confuse "Do you want to SAVE your edit?" from the editor
versus "Do you want to SAVE your workspace?" from the MSWLogo.



LOAD and SAVE can also be issued from the FILE menu.

You should check out Jim's "The Great Logo Adventure" book.
It covers From Beginner to Intermediate.

I think you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of Logo with it.

Yes you could save only specific definitions if you wanted to.
I think we need to tackle basic saving/loading first :-)

But if your curious See the Online help on the SAVE command.

This is part of the online help for SAVE

Save is equivalent to:

to save :filename
local "oldwriter
make "oldwriter writer
openwrite :filename
setwrite :filename
setwrite :oldwriter
close :filename

You would replace the POALL with PO :MYLIST where :mylist
contains what procedures you wanted SAVE.

If you can grasp how the above procedure really works you've
begun to really understand how MSWLogo/UCBLogo works.

George Mills

The www page contains some very powerful educational software.
Our single most important investment is our kids.

Sun, 14 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 LOGO-L> MSWLogo 6.2 is available


> What has been confusing to my son is the fact that there have been times when he
> has been able to work on a procedure andsave it then the next night be able to run
> it without having to load it just launch the program and start working. Thanks for
> your response. I agree Jim Muller's book is good we do have it already .
>                                                                     Thanks
>                                                                     Jim clark

I believe you are talking about a "feature" recently enabled that
always had. It was not working because I changed the default the
extension to
.LGO and UCBLogo defaulted to .LG. The problem in the past was MSWLogo
was still
looking for .LG (for this "AutoLoad" feature to work).

If you save a procedure as the same as its name with a .LGO extension it
very much like a library function. If you call out a function that does
not exist
it looks in the LOGOLIB for a match (no extension) AND looks in the
current directory
for a macth (with the .LGO extension). If it finds it in either place it
loads and
runs it.



If he Edit's HELLO before he runs it then it will create a new empty
I'm glad you explained this more and understand how your son could be


The www page contains some very powerful educational software.
Our single most important investment is our kids.

Mon, 15 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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